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SynthstromTV Episode 2 (Online Festival)

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Thank you so much to everyone who dialed into our debut stream this past weekend! Had a few issues, but managed around 19 hours all up and the chat was flowing the whole time.

Having such a large part of the community online at once was a beautiful thing, let's keep this going :)

Many people were asking, so I made a playlist of all the videos I played that are currently available to view on YouTube.
The point of these streaming events is to support others in our community, so please go through the list and subscribe to all the relevant YouTube channels. (In no particular order)


Our next edition will be on May 16th and be an online "festival" for 2-3 hours. Whereas our last streaming session was all with pre-existing clips, this next one will be only with brand new performances. For details check below:

We'll be encouraging charitable donations to those enjoying the stream to reflect the hard work the artists put into making the clips.

In the meantime, make sure you sub to our YouTube channel and "ring the bell"

Feel free to ask any questions about this new event or talk about our first stream below, though please, only ask 'festival questions' after you've have a read of all the info at the link.

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