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Casio Rapman. Anyone remember this?


In the 1990s Casio tried to suck up to rap-fans with a toy keyboard, including a plastic scratch wheel an a small microphone with optional pitchshifting. You can easily find the Casio Rap-1 on platforms like eBay. The Casio Rap-10 was kind of the "small brother" of the Rap-1, as it had no keyboard. It's just a scratch wheel with the same crappy microphone, some buttons for percussion and some beats to choose from, which would interrupt while performing scratch solos. Some sounds differ from the Rap-1, so i plugged it into my Zoom Hn4pro and recorded every sound of it. So, here you have it:

The sounds are campy as f#¢%, but they sure are fun. The kick drum sounds pretty cool, though. It's all in mono, as the device doesn't offer stereo.


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