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workergrayworkergray Gulfport, FloridaBeta Tester Posts: 222
  1. I'd like the ability to preview the sound more than once. As it is, you can only hear the sound ONLY ONE TIME when it's initially dialed in and then when it's set. You can't tap the audition pad and hear it at all until you load it into that slot, or if you scroll to another sound then back.

  2. Additionally, I'd like to be able to scroll away from a LONG sound before it finishes playing. As it is right now, the moment you dial-in a sound, you're committed to listen to the whole thing before you preview another-- unless I'm mistaken.

  3. While we're on the subject, the order in which the samples load as you turn the knob doesn't seem to follow the alphabet. It's all over the board. I honestly have no idea which sample is going to show up next. It seems that the alphabetizing algorithm is somewhat buggy. I think it's looking at date from time to time, though I have no idea HOW. Maybe it's looking at the order that the folder was viewed as the last time it was opened on the computer?



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    TactileAFTactileAF Perth, Western AustraliaBeta Tester Posts: 22
    1. I'd rather just have the audition pad trigger the sample, as opposed to auto-playing. Helpful for silently navigating to a sample mid jam too.
    2. If the play mode defaulted to 'Cut' or 'Loop' this wouldn't be an issue. (actually, just checked and - at least on the latest alpha firmware -it lets you navigate away from a sample immediately. Still, once loaded it defaults to 'Once' which usually gets changed straight to 'Cut' or 'Loop' in my experience)
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