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Mediterranean Sunset

mcpepemcpepe Marbella, SpainPosts: 74

This was recorded near Puerto Banús, Marbella, just a few minutes before the sunset. Bonus points if you find the little birds taking a swin! :-)


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    semarsemar Posts: 10
    edited January 17

    Nice vibe ! I like a lot the rythm with the bass in background and the fading in and out with the white-noise of the waves.
    Nice place by the way. Inspiring.
    Well done, keep on the good work !
    Just one critique - my two cents - the video is quite boring if it focuses most of the times only on you moving your head.
    I have to admit, I didn't find the little birds taking a swim.. :-/

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    AdrianVarga83AdrianVarga83 NorwayPosts: 2

    Because of that magic and energetic sample starting at 1:14, i have seen also the bird coming out of water at 2:08 ;)

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