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Sample will not load to slot.


Hoping this isn't a hardware issue...

Turned on my Deluge today and suddenly the 'kick' row won't trigger. Track is not muted and no matter what kind of sample from any folder I try to load, it won't. Pressing the audition pad will not trigger a sample anymore. Every other sample row works. The row that doesn't is the first one - where I usually place kick drums. Tried factory reset with no change. Emailed Rohan but thought I'd ask to see if it's happened before...This is one of those WTF moments :/


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    GameDudeGameDude EarthPosts: 49

    Every clip in the Deluge has the kick missing. So I lost all my kicks. I can reload others but wtf happened? I can understand accidentally deleting a kick drum from a project but how did I delete kick drums from 5 or 6 clips with different kits in all projects? Answer- I didn't.

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