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MIDI mapping templates -> assignable to instruments/clips

hurphendalehurphendale PragueBeta Tester Posts: 42

I would love the ability to define a pre-conceived template for MIDI mappings, assignable to instruments/kits in a song.

This would be globally useable for any song. Within the song, you can quickly assign one of these mappings to one of the instruments in the song. That instrument/kit now inherits all of the mappings of that template.

This would make mapping MIDI controls to each of your songs much less tedious. For example, I'm using the Akai MIDImix, I could easily map each of the tracks in each of my songs to one of the 8 channels of the MIDImix, without having to go through each channel, map each separate property to a specific knob, fader, mute, etc.

Bonus/secondary idea:

Include a pre-set Color and/or Name with the mapping, so you could visually (or by holding on a track) see which tracks are assigned to what.

Feedback welcome

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