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'Collect all' Kit to new folder

NRuckNRuck UKBeta Tester Posts: 80

Hi. Hope I can explain this clearly. As we now have the option to 'collect all' on a song save, I was thinking it would be great to be able to do the same at Kit level, ie long press 'save' when saving a kit and have all samples in the kit collected into a new folder within the samples folder which could be named at the time of saving. Currently if I am sampling notes from an external synth for example and I want to make them into a new multisampled synth on the Deluge, I have to remove the SD card and manually move the selected samples to a new folder after recording them as they are all in the 'record' folder (I do not use Downrush). This way I could just create a new 'Multi' synth and choose the new folder created from the 'Kit' save as detailed above. Doable?


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