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Click Track connection with Teenage Operators

MonktunesMonktunes United KingdomPosts: 5

Any chance to send click sync to OP through CLT/Gate (3/4)? What would be the setting?


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    HAINEZeeHAINEZee United KingdomBeta Tester Posts: 19

    I use the Deluge to trigger my Pocket Operators so I imagine this should work the the OP too. I just take a mono patch cable out to the PO from the Gate Out of the Deluge, start stop and tempo all works great! Also means I can "arm" my PO by pressing play on it, adjusting some of the settings such as Chord Voicing (which normally defaults to off, requiring it to be configured after the song has started) ready to rock! If a vid would help let me know and I'll try to get something recorded for you to see:)

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    MonktunesMonktunes United KingdomPosts: 5

    I was using stereo cable that's probably why wasn't successful.
    If you could drop some video woud be great..always helps to better understand. Cheers.

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