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Song Load From Grid AKA "Grid Load".

KomplexKomplex Soundform RecordingsBeta Tester Posts: 82

Have you ever been blazing through songs and wanted to quickly load a song at the start of the next bar without scrolling through 200 songs in the load menu?

Well imagine this:

Your favorite songs that you picked JUST for this live set are all laid out on the grid. You quickly hit shift + load and press a pad on the grid. Your song loads and launches right at the start of the next bar!

Furthermore, for anyone who uses "songs" as "patterns", this grid load function could be used to set up your songs so that each horizontal row is dedicated to one song with variations of it along that row, with colour coding! So in real world use, the last 4 pads could be used for quick fills and breakdowns that you can quickly switch between using the Grid Load.

For anyone who has ever used an RM1X, think of it like the pattern mode with 16 sections that you can switch between, except on steroids because Deluge!



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