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Change/update the way how to close recording

gjvtigjvti Beta Tester Posts: 34
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I was struggling with this since V3 public beta - record something and as soon as stop playback everything I recorded is lost forever. I thought that this is a bug, but no this was intended to be so (too counter-intuitive to me - by default Deluge doesn't wants to save what I recorded, but I have to confirm that I want it to be saved, by waiting while loop finishes or setting smaller loop length - to me should be vice versa Deluge wants to save everything I record and if I don't want something to be saved then I issue command - don't save this). Recently reading Deluge FB pages I learned that I'm not alone struggling with this - other users find this issue frustrating too.

So to sum up. If you are recording something on Deluge, Deluge assume that you record a loop and expect that you confirm recording by pressing track mute button and eventually wait while playback reaches the end of the loop for the track you are recording. Thus if you accidentally stop playback before playback position has reached end of loop on track you are recording or you accidentally have set length of recording larger that your current view and stopped playback without noticing that, you precious recording gets lost (even not saved on SD card).
Expected improvement would be - if you stop playback while recording - you don't loose your recording, but instead recording is finalised to the nearest available grid or in full loop length by filling remaining space left with silence - in the end maybe you don't want to record a loop, but just one shot audio layer! If one wants to permanently cancel recording (without saving recorded audio to SD card) back button or some other combination has to be pressed during recording.

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