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Several crashes when saving


After update to the latest firmware, 3.0.01, I have experienced several crashes when saving song. The Deluge gets stuck in the saving process and gets unresponsive. Small projects, just a few tracks with kits and synths. Happened both on saving as a new song and as a new version of an existing one.

Anyone else had this problem?


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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 305

    Something similar. Just 4-6 Clips (Synth and Kit) and the Deluge lags from time to time, like CPU overload. And some strange behavior with scrolling through already used synth presets. Sometimes the already used synth presets are available automatically (what it shouldn't in FW3) and sometimes not. Its quite random and I cant reproduce it, but it happens 2-3 of 20 times.

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 452

    Any specific details? Process to make it happen again? If you do, please email us.

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    henrikmaneuverhenrikmaneuver BerlinPosts: 18

    Just had another one on a different song. So far it seems completely random.

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    AndrevonAndrevon FrancePosts: 8

    I often get the same problem. The song file is then corrupted.
    It was happening before the last update. I don't know if it will do it again now...

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 452

    We've given some firmware to our beta testers which Rohan believes he has found this particular bug. We'll release something shortly after a brief bit more testing.

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 305

    I posted that in the worng thread

    Found another of those strange and difficult to reproduce bugs. After trying it a second time I couldn't reproduce it. Turn down the volume before starting the video. It's a very noisy-ish sound. And be sure to listen on it on a stereo device.

    Deluge Panning Bug

    Another question .. is there an "animation" when cloning a clip? Like when changing from clip to song view and back? Or is the (pad) display lagging from time to time?

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