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Akai Midimix


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Hi everyone,

I recently got an Akai Midimix to play with the Deluge and it's very fun. Basic things work ok but LEDs do not light up and the left/right bank buttons apparently do nothing. From a quick search on the net, it looks like the Deluge is not sending the feedback the Midimix is expecting and since I'm using a Raspberry Pi as a MIDI host, I was thinking about generating the necessary notes/ccs myself.

Before I start digging the problem, though, I want to know if someone has already come up with a solution. Or with a reason why there's no solution.

Or, even better, the Deluge is going to "make it work" in some future release? :-)


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    sikzsikz Posts: 9

    Yes, I know the midi on the deluge works in one direction only and that's why I was thinking about using the Pi to generate the feedback messages and route them to the Midimix so it can operate the lights. Basically, you have a program monitoring the channel on the Pi and sending out the feedback when needed.

    There's some useful info on this thread:

    Don't know much about the internals of MIDI and don't know if the behaviour the midimx is expecting is standard or not (and, thus, maybe/eventually, implemented in the deluge). What's sure is that Ableton, for instance, sends the feedback to the the midimix and the lights work.

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