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Play synth/kit clip and output MIDI at the same time

KokaKoka NorwayPosts: 12

Dear community,

I might be overlooking something and it might sound trivial, but I just cannot find a way of outputting MIDI while continuing to use internal synths/kits.

I'm totally aware that I can create a MIDI clip next to a synth/kit clip, but let's say the goal is to control some lamps with MIDI and link one lamp to a kick, another lamp to a snare, etc., how would that be accomplished?

Thank you in advance!


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    KokaKoka NorwayPosts: 12
    edited September 2019

    just found this:

    @niack said:
    I guess deluge's synth sends & receives mid CC for most parameters and that's it..

    Synth, audio, and CV clips don't send any MIDI messages at all. MIDI out is only sent from (1) MIDI clips and (2) kit rows configured to send MIDI instead of play sound. I don't think there's any way to get Deluge to send MIDI corresponding directly to any sounds it's playing.

    It makes sense (I could not find anything, searching for a full day), but at the same time it does not, because it is such a simple and obvious feature. Does anyone maybe know a workaround?

    Thanks in advance!

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    tomtakestoothtomtakestooth UKBeta Tester Posts: 10

    I'd also love to know if there's any kind of workaround in order to do this!

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    manateemilitiamanateemilitia Austin, TXPosts: 69
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    What about copying the pattern that's playing an instrument into another clip that sends on your midi channel and playing both simultaneously?

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    KokaKoka NorwayPosts: 12

    @manateemilitia said:
    What about copying the pattern that's playing an instrument into another clip that sends on your midi channel and playing both simultaneously?

    Then every time you make changes in a "parent" clip, you will need to re-copy-paste it again. Very inconvenient for live improvisation setting.

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    KokaKoka NorwayPosts: 12

    Btw Ian replied on Facebook, implying that there is no such feature in Deluge at the moment. Kits and Synths do not have an option of outputting MIDI. It would be a great option, though.

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    I hope they prioritize comprehensive MIDI functionality soon.
    It's getting sort of comical at this point.
    From my experience developing hardware, and especially hardware with limited UI space, it can get markedly harder to add fundamental functionality that affects all areas of the device if you have to pivot around the individual bells and whistles you keep adding.
    Easier to have the fundamental stuff figured out early.

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    gekkoniergekkonier ÖsterreichPosts: 6
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    I know this is an older thread, but anyway, I just taking notes here ;-)

    I don't know if the deluge is capable of the midi loopback trick. Combined with a midi splitter it could work, I plan to test this soon by any chance. The synth track would be played with a midi track. But this needs cables and an extra box. I made a sketch:

    Or you use an external synth with midi through. That could work too.

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