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Sample managment

RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 108

if i record in a sample then trim it, start and end points . When i save it, are the start and end points saved too ?
if it behaves like this what happens if i start a new track using the same sample with different start end points will this effect my already saved song?
also why does sampling a drum loop into the synth mode sound so weird even if you sample at c and play back on c?
i have mostly trying to sample the wonderful acid garage pure date app by chris mc cormick with little success. i love the loose feel of the hats in it , i just cant replicate on the deluge.
im trying to sample at 130 BPM where the transients are very tightly packed

ive been mostly using the deluge for synth based stuff and sequencing outboard gear for the last year or so but im trying to get into the sample based world so i can bring my setup on the road without carting all the external gear around . I have to say im finding it very tedious lining up all the start and end points and setting bar lenghts etc.

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    rudolphrapidrudolphrapid Posts: 129
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    Regarding the sample start/end points the settings are stored in the kick sound you assigned it to. So you can use the same sample even for multiple sounds of the same kit or in multiple kits with different start and end point settings by each. You need to save the kits to recall the same settings later. There's no sample settings stored next to sample like by Octatrack :)

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