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Decksaver cover now on the Synthstrom webstore.

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614

Great news. We now have the Decksaver in-stock and able to order direct through the Synthstrom website

Shipping for this is a bit more than overlays so cannot be combined for those awaiting overlay orders.


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    rudolphrapidrudolphrapid Beta Tester Posts: 129
    edited August 2019

    And it works with the official case well :) So the Deluge can be transported in the case with the Decksaver cover on it.
    I think it's really a benefit as I find the official case thin and the push encoders get clicked inside even by a slight pressure on the case.

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    Just_Peter118Just_Peter118 The NetherlandsPosts: 42

    I already have the decksaver a few weeks, bought from Gear4music. It's a perfect fit!. Can recommend it.

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