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Audio export: Very few global Midi Controls would allow bouncing of clips individually


It bothers me a lot, that in the current firmware (and beta 3.0) there is no easy way to bounce / export the clips individually. This feature has been requested a lot, I am aware.

I know it is possible to mute everything but one clip and play through the the arranger and record the audio via resampling. It even is in perfect timing. This led me to the idea of programming a midi device, that does exactly this. First you tell it how many clips there are, and how long the entire piece is. You map the corresponding mute buttons on the deluge, and hit play. The device should now be able to play all the clips individually (even kits-parts would be possible), recording each one to an audio file. The process would take some time, but way better than sitting in front of the deluge for hours listening to all stems individually to get the audio.

However, there are two small features the deluge is lacking to enable such a midicontroller.
1. Arrangermutes can't be midimapped (or I couldn't find out)
2. pressing rec + play on the deluge starts resampling, pressing start and play on a Midicontroller however doesn't.

Right now I am even thinking of servoactuated button-pressers to make this idea a reality. But as a addon device requiring only a basic ui and a midi-Output the project could be shared. A small arduino, some 3dprinted housing, power from the deluge (with 3.0) ...

What do you think, Rohan, is there a way to implement these two minor features for the next few releases?


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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614
    edited July 2019

    This is a very complex piece of coding, though yes, we're well aware of how badly many people want it. Spending time working on temporary solutions doesn't seem sensible either, and I'm sure you can appreciate if he starts applying temporary fixes, then we have to create an entirely new type of request - one where people ask for adjustments to things to allow other things to be created by third-party's, and that will make this website get beyond confusing. There are many users who would never export individual stems from a Deluge, just like there are many users who will never use MIDI, CV or audio looping.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    "servoactuated button-pressers"
    i'd love to see that! :)

    its true that for a "professional" mixdown there is no way around exporting one wav per track and do a mixdown in a DAW. other than that i like Arranger more and more and personally i dont need to export all the time.

    guess Rohan goes after a superfast offline renderer, a way that just automates the recording (so u still have to wait for it in real time), probably would be done already.

    guess, it will be worth the wait in the end :)

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