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Midi Beat Clock to work also in arranger mode


Hi, we are two guys making our tunes each on a deluge. We have been using an external midi clock to sync the two deluges in song mode, which works really nicely. Using a custom midi controller mapped to the parts launchpads and sending midi to both of the deluges we can do a lot already.

Have a look here:

However both of us are working in arranger mode when doing solo projects, and we would really like to take this step making music together.

So the minimal solution would be to allow the midi beat clock to start and stop the in the arranger as well. The ultimate solution could even be the implementation of midi song position pointers to be able to start the arranged song in a given position on both deluges simultaneously.

I realize that this is niche use of the deluge, but it would be so nice to be able to work like that. So maybe this could be a nice, little, easy to code break for you rohan?

Thanks for considering!

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