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Looping problems (fw 2.1.3)

spawnkissspawnkiss tkarontoPosts: 12

Heres the situation :smile:

I have perfect loops (in tempo) on my DAW (ableton) which I've verified as having no noise clip at the end or otherwise, and 0 release

I have the loop running on LOOP in a shorter sequence with the note occupying the full screen of the kit (endless loop)

I trigger the next section of the song, quantized to launch perfectly at the end of the loop, with the same kit repeated, with a new loop and the former off / muted.

No matter what I try, for some of these loops, which end in silence, I catch a millisecond clip of the loop when the next sequence is launched.

This is certainly not intentional or desired at all for any type of seamless sequencing of loops. Please help / advise.

My fear is that the deluge clock is slighly out of meter from your typical daw (or ableton at least). If anyone has experienced this problem or been able to solve please share - or maybe we're asking for a bug fix.



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