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ordered mine yesterday...

030030 SO36Posts: 16

...thought i´d do a short introduction run, or at least say hello...
started out with a Roland MC303 when it hit the market, have seen synths/drummies come and go.
then i sold all of my stuff some years ago, regretting it for a while now.
shouldn´t have sold my RS7000, nor my MonoMachine, but now i´m really excited about getting the DELUGE.

cheers forum


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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 102

    Welcome! Hopefully you'll get along with the Deluge as much as I have.

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    ChandrojiChandroji Berlin / GermanyPosts: 9

    Congratulations and welcome to the club!
    I’m also a new Deluge owner and I’m very excited! Still exploring all the features... 😊

    By the way, I’m from Kreuzberg near Südstern! I would be happy to see you one day!


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    PlisskenPlissken Toronto Posts: 2


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    030030 SO36Posts: 16

    thanks for the welcome guys...

    @ Chandroji
    as soon as the unit arrives, i guess i will do the urban elektro-hermit immediately, that’d be not leaving the house for quite some days, LOL
    as you might have figured out alright, i’m located SO36, so no reason why we shouldn‘t meet some and have a Deluge chat.


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    030030 SO36Posts: 16

    now i´m in

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    ChandrojiChandroji Berlin / GermanyPosts: 9


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