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Moving patches between SYNTH and KIT.

pbolgerpbolger ChristchurchPosts: 61
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Is there any way of doing this within the Deluge UI?

I've been doing it by splicing chunks of XML, but it'd be nice to be able to do it without having to use the computer.

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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 137

    Agreed, but in the meantime I think people would appreciate your instructions on how to copy paste XML snippets.

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    pbolgerpbolger ChristchurchPosts: 61
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    • Open a kit XML file. Either by putting your SD card into a computer, or by using Downrush with a Flashair card.
    • In that file you'll see <sound> elements. The synth/kit sound patch is the content between a <sound> and a </sound> tag.
      ** This is easier to deal with if you use a text editor with 'code folding' (this means that you can 'fold' elements by clicking in the left gutter: really handy if you don't want to spend ages searching for the closing tag; Atom and Jedit plus many others do this for free.)
    • If you want to remove a patch, select and cut. If you want to duplicate, select, copy and paste.
    • Synth patches also have the same elements. To move patches between the two just open both files in different tabs and copy and paste between the two.
    • CAUTION! Always save the result as a new filename. XML is very easy to read, but if you bork the structure of the file you may make it unreadable by your Deluge. Its very hard to make it completely corrupt, but it can be pretty tricky working out why the files don't validate any more. The rules are very similar the HTML: elements must be ‘nested’, every opening tag needs to close.
      Thankfully, XML doesn't really care about indentation - that's just there to make it easier for humans to read (unlike some other markup languages), but element hierarchy does matter.
      If someone can suggest an XML language module for one of the open source editors that will automatically translate hex numbers to decimal (so you could see the parameter values in 'normal' numbers) I'd be interested.
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