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sample fades - ins/outs - amplitude/ volume


this feature could be added easily to waveform view, maybe add less bright red column to indicate where the fade out has been set to and a less bright green to where the fade in of the sample has been set to.

kickdrums are prime examples, sometimes kicks come with too much click @ the start of the sample of the kick, adjusting the fade in can stop/reduce click

another example would be creating creating groovy percussion rhythms like choked hi-hats, here is an example

this would also be handy for vocal tranistions, risers, sweeps etc


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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placeBeta Tester Posts: 222

    Hmm, fades would be nice but a lot can be done with envelopes, have you found instances where using the envelope does not give you the desired outcome?

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