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dynamic envelope - programmable gate / curve as mod source


I vision a looping envelope adjustable in grid view, similar to waveform view. This could have the same options as a clip, looping constantly, adjustable length and zoom. This curve could be used as a mod source to create dynamic pulsating pad-sounds for example.

Or maybe the deluge 2 will have a CV-In that can serve as a mod source...


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    monoseqmonoseq SwedenBeta Tester Posts: 12

    I would also like to see this as well as a looping envelope perhaps.

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    austingreenaustingreen United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 7

    +1 on looping env's, always a delight to work with, with visuals and adjustable from the grid ala waveform view would be awesome. Looping env's on the amp (or triggered env's from lfo's like the Matrix 6,) would get this more into modular territory and also what i'm looking to do and treat the deluge more as a performance device vs working with the sequencer/making sounds and jamming without pressing play. I would also love different env's modes like linear vs exponential. Probably just me but I'd like some looooooong release, attack times too, for longer samples/loops in a drone or ambient setting.

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