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Line-in tips?


Hi Delugers..

My line in or mic-in is a bit hissy.. apart from eq'ing out the top end any suggestions please?

Also if my iPad is too close to my usb hub/usb audio dac I get clicks from the line in when I am using the deluge usb (for midi). .. listening directly to dac is clean.

ideas to help please?


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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 61

    Really? Can you record examples for "us"?
    My inputs are silent at least to my ears..
    Also, describe your setup in details, together with levels and such. Everything counts.

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    mrrafsmrrafs ukPosts: 54
    edited June 2019

    problem was from usb - (the usb is battery powered via a hub)
    I fixed it with a usb isolator from ebay.

    • wish the deluge had a build in isolator, or a switch to turn off usb charging.
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