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Using Deluge with Logic X or any other DAW (sync, start stop )


HI everybody, I am a rookie here so bare with me.
I would like to sync Deluge with logic so that for example i could compose cool drums in deluge and in sync being able to record guitar and bass in logic, is it possible ? is there a way to sync start and stop command between both ? if yes, can you guide me of what to do if possible ?

I hope you guys with way more experience than me using midi could potentially take me on the right direction, BIG thanks !!!!

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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37
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    Yes, the deluge supports sending and receiving MIDI Clock, Start, Continue and Stop messages.

    How to do this specifically depends on your DAW. Most of the time, you will have to go into the settings and enable sending/receiving such messages for each connected device specifically.

    You may also have to enable MIDI Clock IN or OUT on the Deluge in the settings menu.


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