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Deluge Firmware V2.1.3 Released

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614
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The minor change to the shortcuts layout is enabled in our new minor V2.1.3 update, out now and shipped pre-installed on all new Deluges. But for users installing this update on older machines, their shortcuts will continue to function as before. There is a new option "SHOR" in the settings menu to allow manual selection between the old "1.0" and the new "3.0" shortcuts layout.

V2.1.3 also fixes a number of bugs and makes some improvements:
The arpeggiator now respects the velocity of individual notes pressed within the chord
Input-based sounds (IN / INL / INR / INLR) now begin sounding when the user begins playback mid-way through a “note”
Fixed rare crackling which could occur in sample-based instruments after many different notes played
Fixed bug which could lead to CPU overload (voices dropping out) just after live pitch-shifting begun
Fixed rare crash which could result from recording notes via MIDI or keyboard view, particularly in conjunction with pressing "undo" afterwards
Fixed bug which occurred when unmuting long samples in arranger

Download the new firmware here. Instructions for updating can be found under "SD card slot" in the manual.
You can read about the new shortcuts here.

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