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Re-position cue on a track

hurphendalehurphendale PragueBeta Tester Posts: 42

Sometimes when playing with other musicians, especially live instruments, things can get out of sync. An 8 bar pattern track in your song could be starting when another musician is in the middle of their 8 bar pattern. It would be great to force-position the cue (white bar) in a track to jump to that spot, to get back in to sync which whatever else is going on around you. This seems like a simple enough feature, and would greatly increase the flexibility with jamming in a live setting with other musicians.

Perhaps holding shift and pressing a position on the track line would place the cue there?


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    TenebrousTenebrous EnglandPosts: 49

    Maybe even holding PLAY an tapping a pad?

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    TenebrousTenebrous EnglandPosts: 49
    edited March 2019

    Actually PLAY+pad could easily be miss-pressed and stop the whole song, of course. I suspect there are some other unused combinations that would fit better, like LEARN+pad, or SHIFT+pad which doesn't currently do anything in song/arranger view.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    there is a way to jump in sync using Arranger and Song mode

    • in Arranger mode have some content and press play
    • press Song and press a Mute pad to set Song view active
    • press Song
    • in Arranger move position with left/right to choose cue point
    • press up/down + play (continue play command)
      usually the continue play command is fired instantly but not when switching from Song to Arranger mode
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