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Is there a button/combination to turn all notes off?



I've been messing around with a USB MIDI router thingy, and I've been generating a clock from my PC and routing it to the Deluge, which has been working fine.

However, I've often been messing around with my USB MIDI router and had it disconnect or whatever, and this has sometimes left the Deluge in a state where it's continuously playing sounds. I presume it received a Note On but not a Note Off.

Is there anything I can press to stop all notes/sounds?



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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37

    No, unfortunately no such button combination exists yet. Maybe post into the software suggestions? It seems like a useful feature to add.

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    BrettBrett Posts: 39

    Shift + Play when the song is going?

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 18

    Stuck notes is a very common task for any machine which is able to handle midi without timestamps (classic).
    Why? Because midi protocol is without timestamps by standard. So the note-off msgs are independent send informations. If there are missing ticks (one of the scenarios) or missing note-offs the machines assume the note-off msg will follow. Missing ticks lets the machine wait to go on, even if this sounds like stop cause it doesnt play anymore. The note has to stay open unless a stop or note-off or a tick that tells the notes timeout will arrive and so the machine would know what to do. This is why ALL NOTE OFF (cc0x7b=cc123), active sensing and other methods of the midi protocol exist. To come around those problems.

    Unfortunately the deluge also misses sometime note-offs if Song Position Pointers arrive, it will set the playhead position and ignore that it triggered notes already that have to be closed.

    In example Ableton sends cc123 before you start & after you stop to tell the machines to close all open notes.

    As far i have seen the xml data of the notes from deluge carry their length with them. Meaning the deluge is able to know when to stop notes stored once a note is read. But this is as described not the case when notes arrive via DIN-Midi. Via USB-Midi it would be technically possible to transport length informations with the note-on events with no guarantee the sender is delivering via a timestamped system, so USB-Midi has to behave same as DIN-MIDI is handled first.

    ps: there are machines that never send note-off by default. like Roland's Tr-8xx

    Hope Rohan finds on some rainy day time to look into this and his outcome would make SPP so stable to be able to use it without midi stop/continue to apply on the next available beat (even if a lot midi specs say applying SPP is commonly used on stopped machines - the SPP number is dependent on quarter notes for reasons)

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