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Deluge firmware V1.1.1 released

rohanrohan Staff Posts: 590

Hi everyone,

Today we're releasing our first firmware update for the Deluge - V1.1.1

Head on over to our downloads section to get it.

This update fixes a number of bugs which users have reported.

-- Keyboard mode crashed or got stuck notes in particular cases
-- Gate outputs stopped working if lots of SD card access happened
-- Trying to use shortcuts caused crash on MIDI and CV tracks
-- Using LPF on "affect-entire -> song" caused volume problems on right channel
-- After previewing a lot of WAV files in the file browser, they would stop sounding
-- Crash on boot if you'd modified synth preset 0 to feature the delay effect
-- Crash when entering a kit track in particular rare cases
-- Launch quantization bug with sections
-- Instant-launch / automation problem
-- "Sync nudge" function problem
-- Problem with looping samples layering up endlessly
-- USB MIDI wasn't working properly in keyboard view
-- Automation behaved strangely when cloning (or sometimes switching) tracks
-- Recording while in triplets view could create notes which couldn't be deleted
-- Note record function could incorrectly switch on if you began playback as a synced slave
-- Playing slaved to trigger clock input at low PPQN, e.g. from Korg Volca, didn't work well
-- Playing as a slave with lots of tempo-synced delays, CPU could get overloaded
-- Loading samples with the file browser during playback could lead to a loud harsh noise sounding
-- Launching a track, the first note could get cut out if CPU usage was very heavy

To install the update, unzip the .bin file onto your SD card, ensure there are no other .bin files on there, put the card back into your Deluge, and then hold down the shift button while powering on. A spinning animation will display, and the firmware will be permanently installed.

Thanks to our great users who volunteered to beta-test this update, and everyone who reported bugs. As always, let me know if you're able to find any more.




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