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Trimming recorded samples


Is there a way to permanently trim the start and end points of a sample recorded into the deluge, or must they be trimmed outside the deluge and then saved again to the SD card? Thanks in advance.


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    blinkingpenguinblinkingpenguin United StatesPosts: 3

    I would love to know this too. It's absurd how difficult it is to find information on this.

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    EddyEddy ColognePosts: 250

    There is no Truncate function, trim it and leave it as is....since storage is cheap there is no need to truncate. If you want it exactly you can resample.

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    SaschaSascha Posts: 9

    If I record for instance a drum hit and there is silence at the beginning of the recording, When I adjust the start point of the file and save again, is the start information retained. If I start a new project and select that sample from it’s folder will it play from the start point that I set or from the beginning of the file? Thanks in advance.

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    miaouxmiaouxmiaouxmiaoux ScotlandPosts: 38

    I also find it annoying that there’s no trim!

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 192

    Yeah truncate/trim is something I’d like to see too, also fades and rotate start position would be handy as well. The waveform view is surprisingly precise so some extra editing functions would be great, even things like muting a section - for example a pop/click in a loop, without altering the sample length, could be possible.

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    kafkakafka FinlandPosts: 2
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    Yeah, for sure it would be awesome if there was a trim functionality. For example, when making and recording drum kits from my analogue drum machine, it would be super helpful if you could somehow auto-trim the start (and why not the end too) of the recording (or some kind of recording threshold thing), because now I have to go through every one of them and move the starting and ending points for every sample and fiddle them around.

    Also some kind of fade in/out as mentioned before would be awesome too to mitigate the pops and clicks and sudden stops. In general it would be awesome if the sample recording capabilities would have some of the functionality that are basic in some other samplers.

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    Yes truncating would be great for various reasons. Also a way to edit audio and for it not to transpose or pitch shift. I’ve spent a horrid amount of time trying to edit Flute I recorded into the deluge. As the start point wasn’t on the 1. I think I may have to give up. It seems the audio is stretched permanently in certain places. Just a simple way to chop start and end of audio that you don’t want to loop. For placing in the arrangement window. The best method I’ve found so far is to load the audio file into a kit, then trim the start and make sure In mode the loop settings off and it’s set to cut. Then the audio appears to play at its original Pitch. Although it somehow still sounds mangled by pitch shifting algorithms! If you record several bars of audio and only want certain bits it’s a real chore copping them out. Maybe easier with the split function if you’ve got a solid beat one start to the sample. I’ve only had the deluge a week so Im sure I’ll work out A better workflow. Wish the manual had some info on this. Maybe I should use it for what it’s good at. It’s a fantastic machine

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    lukzenlukzen AustraliaPosts: 2

    Don't use Audio Clips for any audio editing. They're good for live-looping, but for anything you want to edit and sync to your beat it's much better to use a Kit.

    FYI you can record straight into a kit row by holding an audition pad + REC. Makes it possible to skip Audio Clips completely, they seem to cause nothing but problems for most workflows that aren't pure live performances...

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