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Add velocity on CV tracks

RhyminGarFunkleRhyminGarFunkle Tucson, AZPosts: 16
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If there is only a single CV track in a song, allow setting velocity per-note as with internal synths/MIDI, and output it on CV2. Velocity can be as useful on modular/semi-modular as it is in the internal synths, controlling volume, filters, decay, or whatever else you patch it to. The Deluge effectively already has this capability, if you copy your initial CV track for the rhythm, then change each note to represent the intended velocity rather than pitch, but this is extremely cumbersome.

It would be great if the MIDI to CV was expanded to incorporate this as well. Even cooler would be if the 2nd CV mapping could be switched between velocity and aftertouch. When in a CV track, pressing shift would make mod source buttons velocity or aftertouch blink depending on which was mapped to CV 2(neither if CV2 is unmapped, or if there is a 2nd CV track), and shift-pressing one would either make CV2 output that parameter, or turn off MIDI-to-CV2 if that parameter was active. If there's a second CV track, pressing either would just display "cant".

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