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Is it possible to clean up Sub-Slots if you save a lot?

OmskInfoOmskInfo Berlin, DeutschlandPosts: 25

Maybe I'm just paranoid, or I'm trying to save "undo" points while composing, but I've accumulated a lot of "sub-slot" variations of Synth/Kit presets and Songs so far. It's cool that each time I save, a new sub-slot is created. It's already saved my butt once so far (and I've only been using the Deluge for a day at this point) when I accidentally deleted a sample from a kit--I was able to just roll back to my previously-saved version (the previous sub-slot) and continue. However, as I get further and further along in my composition, the saves I made in earlier sub-slots start to loose their value. I'm up to sub-slot H on my song right now...and I definitely have no need for the versions in sub-slots A-E at this point. Same thing is true for one of my Kits.

Is there a way to "clean up" or delete these unneeded sub-slot versions once I have no use for them anymore? Does the Delete Song feature, for example, allow you to delete only certain sub-slots from the Song, or is it going to delete the whole Song, including all sub-slots within? Or, could these unneeded versions be removed from the SD card somehow?

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 244
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    I think you can delete sub slots.
    You can defiantly save over a sub slot.
    Press save once then use select dial to roll back to a previous slot.


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    OmskInfoOmskInfo Berlin, DeutschlandPosts: 25

    Ah! Saving over a sub-slot is great. Don't know why I didn't think to roll the knob back when on the save screen. Haven't tried deleting the sub-slots yet, but at least I know now how to not create so many in the future. Thanks!

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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    so nobody is bothered with the annoyance that we don’t know which sound/kit are you editing so that I can “update/save” to the original slot where I started the editing ? Deluge tries to be smart and shows us the next NOT saved slot. Well... I don’t really care about the new slot/position name... I DO care about where to save my changes so I don’t create another copy of the sound. Pretty annoying right ?

    I can do this with the songs just by clicking the load button. This will show you the song slot where you started.

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    OmskInfoOmskInfo Berlin, DeutschlandPosts: 25
    edited June 2017

    I guess what I would ultimately prefer is something like this:

    • Load a Preset or Song. The number of the Preset/Song is shown without any decimal points/full-stops/periods on the display.
    • When you edit the Preset or Song, then the decimal points/full-stops/periods appear. This lets you know that the Song or Preset is now "dirty" and doesn't match the saved version.
    • When you go to save, the same Preset or Song number is shown and the decimal points are lit because you will be writing something else on top of the previously-saved version. Then, do one of the following:
    1. Press SAVE, and you overwrite/update the currently Song or Preset and the decimal points go off (the decimal points are off because the Preset/Song is no longer "dirty").
    2. Rotate SELECT to choose a new sub-slot or Preset. You will be able to choose any existing sub-slot (to overwrite them) and you'll also find a new sub-slot at the end of the list if you want to save a unique version. When you're selecting an existing sub-slot, the decimal points remain lit because you'll overwrite the existing Preset/Song with your dirty one. If you scroll to the new sub-slot, the decimal points will go off because nothing will be overwritten (a new sub-slot will be saved instead).


    • Preset 05 has sub-slots A, b, and C already saved.
    • I load Preset 05A.
    • I then edit Preset 05A. The decimal points now appear to inform me that my Preset is dirty.
    • I then press SAVE.
    • "05A." is shown on the display as the save target and the decimal is on because I'll be overwriting the Preset. I could press SAVE again to just overwrite that sub-slot.
    • Instead, I then rotate SELECT to the right three clicks until "05d" appears (I would have seen "05b.", "05C." and then "05d" appear in sequence). The decimal point turns off because "d" is a new sub-slot and saving at this point will not overwrite anything.
    • I press SAVE and my changes are stored to a new sub-slot "05d".

    So, in this way, creating new sub-slots is not the default behavior. Updating the current Song or Preset is the default behavior which requires the minimum number of button presses. When I want to create a new sub-slot, I can then take the extra steps necessary to do it. And, to funktree's point, above, I will be able to see which Preset/Song sub-slot I'm editing -- I'll know which one was the "source" before I started making my edits.

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    funkymothersfunkymothers LondonPosts: 48
    I completely agree that it would be great to streamline the process of weeding out unwanted (safety-) kits. But I would very much argue against changing the default behaviour in which the Deluge auto-saves to the next variation (A, B, C...etc.). It is one of the unique features of the Deluge to work in this way and I find it very liberating to know I can just double-tap save and not have to think about it until later.
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