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Sample Browsing


@EagleWolf said:
I hope updates could offer browsing samples by the 10s, 20s, 50s, 100s, simply by using shortcuts similar to other functions that use the grid and knobs to speed up things. It would be great to browse samples this way. Maybe have the screen flash the ## you have jumped to until you insert a proper single digit to select out of samples.
*have pads on grid use 0-9 numbering system
* reserve 1 pad to browse(jump) through samples by the 10s,
* another pad does the same by the 20s, and 2 more pads do the same by the 50s, and 100s

So offer alternative use of 4 pads(10s,20s,50s,100s) and have additional pads for entering #0-9

Additionally to using above method, samples within browsing # group that is most recently used are automatically loaded onto grid(page scrolls for 100s browsing group. Each sample from that current group is available on pad grid to play once pressed. Select and load your selected sample for composition.

Would this help?


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