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Behringer X-Touch Mini USB Remote Controller for Deluge?!?

Praemolar24Praemolar24 DeutschlandPosts: 21

Hey folks,
can I use the Behringer X-Touch Mini USB Remote Controller as expansion for my Deluge?
Did made anyone good experience with these or other device?


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    The X-Touch seems to act as both USB host and client, so yes, between USB and DIN MIDI you should be able to map all sorts of functions to the Deluge, and without a PC which is cool.

    I've gone down a similar road with external controllers (specifically the MidiFighter Twister & Artist Mix) but there are some limitations I wasn't expecting:

    MIDI mapping controls follow the synth/track that you've mapped them to, but there is no function yet for mapping MIDI to the active track on the Deluge. This means you have to change channels or CC banks on your MIDI controller and map all the controls again to each new synth/track you create.
    If you want to take advantage of a large array of external knobs to control the parameters buried in the patch matrix this can be a pain.
    See this thread for one of the ongoing discussions:

    Also there's no MIDI CC output from the Deluge to your mapped controller, so if you have a controller that's capable of two way parameter feedback and control, you'll be flying blind if changes are made on the Deluge side, which can cause jumps in values when you grab your external controls again.

    I really love the Deluge but hope the above MIDI functions could have some dev time devoted to them in future releases.

    Hope that helps.

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    Oh... sorry, just saw that you meant the X-Touch Mini ... so you'll actually need a USB MIDI host (or PC/Mac) if you want to use it with the Deluge.

    Here's a handy little standalone USB MIDI host/client doo-dad that I use with the Deluge when traveling without a PC.

    Other than that, all the other comments still apply ;)

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    Good answer :)
    Just one thing, the standard X-touch, even though it has a USB hub, only transfers the data to a computer connected to the other USB port and not to midi.

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    dannereaudannereau Posts: 15
    edited February 2019

    Cool. Thanks for the correction :)
    Should have known it was too good to be true.

    Though Behringer might hit a market with the DAW-less crowd if they include that function.
    (that one's for free)


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    Praemolar24Praemolar24 DeutschlandPosts: 21

    Ok, thanks for this all-embracing answer and the nice objection
    That's a pity.
    I like the Midi Fighter stuff

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    Praemolar24Praemolar24 DeutschlandPosts: 21

    I've bought the USB Host Midi Router UHMR of a nice littel spanish company called Sevilla Soft. It is a very cool device. You can use a USB-Hub to increas the amount of USB-Ports up to 8. Works with PC or complete standalone.

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