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New Downrush - improvements to Waverly WAV file editor.

jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

*** FIXED ****

I added a 'zoom to selection' button to Waverly, along with some keyboard shortcuts.

z Undo
Z Redo
x,X Cut
c,C Copy
v,V Paste
b,B Delete
a,A Select All
p Play/Pause
P Play Selected
i,I Zoom to Selection
-, _ Zoom Out 1/2X
=, + Zoom In 2X
t,T Trim sample to zero crossings
r,R Rewind
k,K Crop to selection.
o,O Open wave file.
s Save as wave file.
S Save-over wave file without prompting.
u,U Open earlier file in list.
d,D Open later file in list.

Note that command-copy and command-paste use the browser's clipboard feature
rather than the internal copy/paste functionality. Command copy and paste work well
for copying from one window to another.

Download the .zip file and unpack it. You will see a directory named "distribution".

Copy the DR directory from the distribution directory over onto the FlashAir card replacing any existing DR directory.

If this is the first time, also copy over the SD_WLAN directory to the root level of the FlashAir card.

If you have issues, please email and include a copy of the SONG, KIT, or SYNTH file that was causing troubles. Also please describe the computer and browser program involved.

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