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Wet/Dry control for Delay, hipass and lopass filter for Delay and Reverb


I love the reverb on the Delly, but the delay could use some more features in my opinion.
I love my dubby delays, and too much delay and large reverb can quickly muddy up the mix.
First off, the fact that feedback and mix is basicly the same function, is very limiting with regards to the mix of a song.
A Wet/Dry function would give so much more sonic capabilities, to be able to make the delay more "independent".

I think it would also be very useful to have hipass and lopass filters on both the delay and reverb, again to be able to polish the mix and to make things more interesting. hipass is useful for removing mud in the mix, and lopass for further sculpting the soundscape.
For example, what I really miss, is to have a Delay going with long feedback, and being able to lopass filter the delay to create more motion. For this a Resonance control would of course also be highly desired. It would then also be nice to be able to map these controls (filter frequency and mix) to the gold knobs or external controls.


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