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Symmetry Parameter for LFOs


It would be nice to have a SYMMetry parameter for the square and triangle waveforms of an LFOs - to change pulswidth, or morph between ramp-triangle-sawtooth.



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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    it would be ENOUGH if the golden knob went to negative values ... almost like the tune parameter works...;

    two lights indicate 0 LFO effects
    zero lights -50 LFO effect
    four lights +50 LFO effect

    I use the SAW LFO in the negative territory for cut-off VERY often!
    Custom LFO waveforms would make us happy too right ?
    While you’re on it smoothing parameter on SAW and SQUARE would be nice

    BTW I believe you can get some sort of PWM on SQUARE by self modulating LFOs. It does work for me in TRI and SAW mode

    LFO1->RATE->MOD->LFO1-Amount 10-20

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    tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 44

    I agree that bipolar modulation ("attenuverters instead attenuators") is desirable, but It would not replace a symmetry parameter. However, more LFO waveforms (which may be easier to integrate into the existing data format) would help a lot already.

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