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How can I use Deluge has a slave?

ClydePaquinClydePaquin Montreal, QuebecPosts: 26

How can I use Deluge has a slave, just triggering the sounds via a midi track in Logic? Also, can I "record" a midi track into Deluge from Logic? Would save me a lot of time... I have midi tracks already done in my DAW, I would want to "record" them in Deluge so that they would be on the grid...



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    j3threejayj3threejay USAPosts: 34

    You have to set up your sounds that you want to use to different tracks in song mode.
    Then use the learn function to send the desired MIDI channel to that sound/ track.
    You have to do this to set the MIDI channel for every sound/ track.
    Just learned this one yesterday by searching for mutlitimbral on this forum.

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