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bug with arranger view filter cutoff playback?

pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 165


Could be user error (misunderstanding the new feature) but it’s repeatable-
start a new song
create a couple of synth tracks (try a synth preset that modulates filter cutoff with an lfo)
in song view press affect entire
press record+song to start recording to arranger view
start the song with the filter cutoff down, raise it up over four bars, keep it open
finish the song, press play to stop, don’t touch any knobs
playback in arranger view and the filter cutoff jumps around, usually suddenly dropping to the original starting value after a few bars

I haven’t been able to recreate this with a drum kit. I don’t have the factory presets loaded so I can’t give you a synth preset number that would help you recreate the problem. It might be trouble with synth presets that modulate the filter with an lfo. So some kind of conflict between the filter cutoff on the whole song being recorded to arranger view and the individual synth’s cutoff values.

I’ll keep testing it out to see if I can get more specific.


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 590

    Thanks prfr - I think this is a bug which I've already fixed in V2.1.1-beta1, which is being tested currently. Please let me know if you have this problem again in any future firmware versions :)

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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 165

    Fantastic! Will do.

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