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New Downrush - may fix WiFi issues!


New Downrush Release

People having issues with WiFi working after installing Downrush should try this release. It fixes an issue where GitHub was changing my CONFIG file line-endings from Windows-compatible to linux format behind my back. Needless to say, this made troubleshooting difficult.

For this upgrade, download the file and unzip it. You will see a ‘distribution’ directory. Copy both the DR and SD_WLAN directories over onto your FlashAir card. (You may need to ‘unhide’ the SD_WLAN directory for the copy to work, see the instructions in the file about unhiding).


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    EddyEddy Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 275

    works fine but I can open the .htm files only on my Android, not in WIN 10 on Firefox or IE

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