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Is there a numeric value of "Volume" when using "Affect entire" + "Track"?


Sorry if this is a bit of a convoluted question, but please bear with me...

I finished a song in Arranger mode. I have a drum track, consisting of many different drum loops (many colored pads, plus some white unique instances). Now that I am done, I do the mixing and want to change the volume of all these different drum loops to the same level; raise them all or lower them all by the same amount. I enter the respective track view, press "Affect entire.. Track" (so that I can set the volume not for just one drum sample but for the whole loop). I can now select the Parameter "Volume/Pan" and turn the upper knob to adjust the Volume of the entire loop.

That's all clear to me.

But from my understanding, the only readout for the volume of the track is the orange bar left of the upper knob. **I want to equalize the volume of ~20 drum tracks, and it would be handy if there was a shortcut or a nested menu item that allows me to have readout of this value. **

Via shortcuts I can select the Volume of Osc1/Osc2/FM1/FM2/Master and have it displayed as a value between 0 and 50.
But none of these options shows me the value of "Volume" - "Entire Track". It seems I have to eyeball the different shades of orange, apply my guesstimate to a drum track, and finally change between tracks back and forth to set the volume by ear again and again.

Is there something I have missed?


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    rczrcz NYBeta Tester Posts: 110
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    Yes hold an audition pad and press the Master shortcut on the bottom left.

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