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Automation View (sequence complex automation w/ transitions like notes)


_The problem: _
It is hard to get automation exact, and it's difficult to sequence precise automation.
There are only 2 LFOs, which we could get around with automation sequencing but can't currently because it's not as accessible as other sequenced elements.

_The solution: _
Allow users to view the automation track for editing within the pattern/sequence area. As a result, automation can be copied, pasted and sequenced along with all of the other deluge components, opening up a world of possibilities.
Note: This 'value sequencer' could be used for pure CV tracks, drastically extending the deluge's CV sequencing capabilities.

_Implementation: _
// Accessing the feature
1. Quick access: Hold down [track] and press the [gold knob] to load it's automation data.
2. Standard access: Double press [track]. The light will blink indicating that it's waiting for a parameter to be selected as an automation source. Press [function] and a parameter on the grid to load it into the track automation view. While in track automation view, the track button should stay blinking. This allows users to press [function] and another parameter to quickly jump between different automation lanes quickly. A double press of the track button should load the last loaded track automation parameter.

// Using the feature

  • The 16x8 grid would display values vertically across horizontal time, matching the sequence's length and zoom (zoom match allows for quick instances of popping into track automation view and then back into note editing view by pressing track again.
  • Notes on the sequence will be displayed as faint white lights to help position automation relative to note data.
  • Pressing/holding and turning the [^/v knob] would vertically zoom the possible values that can be entered.
  • Pressing a square on the 16 x 8 matrix would add a red dot, indicating the value. Pressing the square again would remove it.
  • Press and hold an automation value and then press above or below it to add attack and decay to the value (and/or) press and hold an automation value with 'attack and decay' set to the gold nobs to set attack and decay for the item. Attack and decay would apply to automation items if [affect all] is lit.
  • Related to automation transitions; Pressing and holding the automation value's attack or decay (any point within it) and turning the select knob would allow morphing of the transition from linear to log, indicated by a color change (linear being blue, log being yellow)
  • Pressing record and turning the [select] knob would record values from the select knob as automation with touch style automation recording (perhaps pressing it could alternate between touch and latch.
  • Cross screen, copy, paste, undo, and clear would work as expected with these tracks as well.

Parameter value type special cases:

  • Parameters like pan that have positive and negative values would start as being set in the middle as light green squares. When active they would be bright green. Values above and below the '0' point would be red dots as with other automation values.


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