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Sending MIDI CC for learned values

tomtakestoothtomtakestooth UKBeta Tester Posts: 10

Hi folks.

So I bought a Deluge with the intention of just using it as a drum machine - but as there's quite a bit of button pushing to get to all the parameters I want to manipulate live (volume, pitch, delay send, etc) - I plugged my Behringer BCR controller in via MIDI in and out, and it works great for learning parameters and I can control everything just fine.

However, when loading a new song or kit, the LEDs on the BCRs encoders are completely different to the new song or kit. I was surprised to find that when MIDI learning a parameter, it only receives MIDI on that CC, but does not send. Is there a way to get it to send MIDI on the same CC number that has been assigned by learn? And if so, get it to send all the learned CC values to the MIDI out when changing a song or going into another kit? I couldn't see anything in the manual about this, but thought I'd ask here before adding a new feature suggestion.


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    I’m pretty sure that functionality is not supported yet. I’ve got a MidiFighter Twister in a similar setup and have been wishing for two-way CC communication for pot value feedback.

    I’ve also big plans for when external MIDI controls can be mapped to the active edit track vs. following only the track they were mapped with ;)

    Fingers crossed?

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