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Bizarre use of a Deluge...

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The 'Bellcycle', created by Deja Voodoo Brand (Steampunk stuff I create from old musical instruments)
A pedal powered music instrument/exercise bike hybrid.

Project is still in it's development stage, but basically uses the Deluge as the central audio processor/source for creating spontaneous compositions which include the processed sounds of a series of antique brass bells, which are played with mallets (not pictured here).

A hub motor wired as a generator, converts pedal power to DC power for the Deluge and a car stereo type sound system.

A portable, busking machine, undoubtedly destined for 'the Playa'
Really wacky

I'm still putting all the parts together, but I play it for an hour everyday (for some cardio) and thought that some of the members of the forum might want to see it as it develops.

I'll upload a video over the next while...

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