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switch to MIDI track

StijeStije NetherlandsPosts: 14
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So we experienced something weird when switching a KIT track to a MIDI track.

What i would expect is when i switch from KIT to MIDI track, it would keep the sequences made in KIT track so they are transferred to the MIDI track. This does not happen.
But when switching back to the KIT track all samples are not the way they where before switching. All sequences are still there but on different sounds. Also when scrolling in the midi track the samples or loaded sounds in the KIT track are more and more changed or placed somewhere else. Or i get more samples that had a sequence but do not have a sequence anymore.

Would be nice to make a drumloop in KIT mode, and then press midi to have the sequences there. So you only need to change minor stuff like note number etc.

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    RobbymustRobbymust Kaitaia, New ZealandPosts: 25

    I copy the kit track and then use the copied kit track to switch to midi, then leave it as a midi track as you still have your original kit track, and then I create a line in track and record the instrument the midi is being sent too.

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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 165

    That’s a good idea. It’s exactly the right solution for me.

    I haven’t yet tested switching from kit to MIDI and back. Thanks for the warning, though, as I intend to use the Deluge that way.

    But I have noticed when I switch a synth track to a MIDI track, then switch back, the synth has changed presets. It is always one preset number higher- if I was using preset 21, when I switch from a MIDI track back to a synth track it will now be set on preset 22. I wonder if it’s a related issue?

    Anyone else noticed this?

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