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Organ simulation with drawbars

JscottkJscottk SeattlePosts: 51
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I've been playing with keyboards that simulate organs lately (Nord Electro, Vox Continental, Roland VR-730) and thought that it'd be awesome if I could plug a midi keyboard into the Deluge and get that functionality from a mode in the Deluge.

Since the Deluge supports multisampling already, the only functionality that a rompler like the Vox Continental brings to the table is a high quality keybed and the organ simulation (along with their sample library). If the Deluge could simulate some organs well, I'd have no need to shell out for one of those expensive systems and could focus on getting a midi keyboard with the feel/keybed that most appeals to me.

I'm imagining in organ mode we'd have vertical bars on the display representing drawbars, and we'd be able to tap anywhere on a column to set the drawbar to that level (so dragging a finger up/down a column should raise or lower the drawbar respectively).

I'm not sure how many folks use the Deluge as a workstation "brain" for keys playing, but this functionality would certainly save me a lot of money and gear.

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