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New DR version with step up/down thru directory feature.


I added a feature to make looking at your SONGs, SYNTHs, and KITs easier.

You will now notice an up-arrow button and a down-arrow button at the top of the screen, next to the Save button.

Pushing the down-arrow button causes the page to load the next SONG, SYNTH, or KIT (in numerical order). Pushing the up-arrow steps back to the previous entry.

This makes walking thru your SONG, SYNTH, and KIT items much easier than using the Open button dialog.

Download the .zip file and unpack it. You will see a directory named "distribution".
Copy the DR directory from the distribution directory over onto the FlashAir card replacing any existing DR directory.
If this is the first time, also copy over the SD_WLAN directory to the root level of the FlashAir card.
If you have issues, please email and include a copy of the SONG, KIT, or SYNTH file that was causing troubles. Also please describe the computer and browser program involved.


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    BonatiBonati NYCPosts: 8

    Jamie's Downrush installation video was great, easy to follow. Thanks man!

    Posting this here just in case anyone had the same minor issue I had during installation - easy fix:

    After executing the command for "unhiding" the SD_WLAN folder, I couldn't get the files to copy over and an "error -43" window kept popping up. I unmounted/ejected the card, then re-inserted the card and the copying over of DR/SD_WLAN folders worked. No idea why, but something confused the card after the -chflag command was executed. Re-mounting the card solved it.

    Unhiding command in Mac OS terminal: chflags -R nohidden /VOLUMES/DELUGE2_1/SD_WLAN

    (where "DELUGE2_1" is the volume name of my SD card)

    Re-hiding command after you copy Downrush over: chflags -R hidden /VOLUMES/DELUGE2_1/SD_WLAN

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