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Accidental notes without changing scale [solved]

RhyminGarFunkleRhyminGarFunkle Tucson, AZPosts: 16
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My deluge comes in tomorrow, and I've been watching videos and reading the manual in preparation. This might be something obvious once I have it in front of me, but is there a way to add out-of-scale notes without changing the scale of the entire song? For example, if I was making a song in Am and wanted to have chromatic lead-in notes on my bass line, but only wanted Am notes for my lead, how could I do that? Is it only possible to sequence out-of-scale notes with a custom or chromatic scale? If I take my bass track out of scale mode, can I sequence chromatic notes on that track and still have other tracks in scale mode with an Am scale, or will a custom scale be created with the chromatic notes from the bass track?

EDIT: yes, it's obvious once I have it in front of me. All songs share the same scale, but individual tracks can be chromatic instead of in-scale.

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