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Stems Me up!

Major_DelayMajor_Delay Melbourne Posts: 10
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hello, New deluge owner, First time here so excuse me if these have been asked already.

I some specific ways i want to use the deluge, i know it can do all the things but i am interested in the How and the best way to do so.
I am Playing in a band with pre-written material so we want to use the Deluge firstly as a "multi track stems player", then jump to a separate looped jam at the end of a song. So my questions are...

1- What is the easiest way to get multiple stems (wav exports from ableton) into and programmed as a song in the Deluge.

2- Is there any Third Party Software that can be used to program a songs setup and not just only file management.

Thank you in advance.

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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 111

    The answer to your first question is probably as simple as the following:

    • Copy the stems you want on the SD card used in your Deluge
    • Create a kit with these stems
    • Create a sequence using this kit that matches when the stems need to play with regards to each other
    • Otherwise you could also use the arranger mode to really map out the proper arrangement

    Not sure about your second question though.

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