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Make external MIDI keyboard usable like in other sequencers


I was shocked, when I realised I can't use external MIDI keyboard on currently edited track. Every time I want to play another track I have to reassign MIDI mapping. Solution is quite easy: allow to map MIDI keyboard to many tracks, then current track is active only.


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    justindavidowjustindavidow Winnipeg, CanadaPosts: 16

    Sounds like a feature request!

    I agree, when sitting down to throw something together, being able to switch modes to support playing the "current track" feels very natural / etc. Imho, it would make a great menu option. I found it very counter intuitive at first, but the more I've experimented with it, the more I actually prefer the default behavior.

    Keep in mind that you can (usually) change midi channels on your midi keyboard, and the incoming midi bind is per channel. This allows you to pick a few tracks to play "live" while arranged stuff plays through in loops (or in song mode!)

    Playing the deluge, in arranger mode, with a few zones bound on a midi keyboard with "pages" gives you access to a LOT of flexibility in terms of live performance potential. I'm just messing around with mine, with an ANCIENT m-audio oxygen 49 (for velocity only really, I'm not a great keyboard player at all!) Switching channels is just a single button press (per channel)

    The other thing the default behavior allows, which I've found to be surprising useful, is that it will play all instruments that are bound to a channel, which through the use of sample oscillators, envelopes, lfo's, and transpose, can get you some pretty awesome unison voices in not a lot of time!

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