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Controlling Deluge synth parameters via MIDI through iPad?

SolejkushaoSolejkushao Marseille, FranceBeta Tester Posts: 36

I'm trying to get my Korg Nanokontrol2 to control the Deluge via MIDI. I'd like to use the iPad as a USB host because it's battery powered (and it's what I have). However, trying to route the MIDI through Studiomux, it doesn't work. MIDI is coming from the Korg but nothing happens. Here is a image of my MIDI config in Studiomux:

Both the Deluge and the Nanokontrol are plugged into a unpowered USB hub. The iPad is charging.
Thanks for your help!


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    justindavidowjustindavidow Winnipeg, CanadaPosts: 16

    Sorry, I don't know studiomux at all.(no iPads handy to test on!)

    I happen to have a nanokontrol2 as well, I use it at home as volume sliders for Ableton Live. With the midi routing in Ableton set like this ( ) on a midi track (knowing full well that I should be able to simply route around, but I like to use Ableton to record the midi automations personally!) This works perfectly:

    Not really clear from your picture, but you are routing the nanokontrol out to the deluge in, correct?

    What process are you using to learn the knobs/sliders on the deluge? I use the "shift+param key" then hold learn and turn the external knob, seems to bind well / etc!

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    SolejkushaoSolejkushao Marseille, FranceBeta Tester Posts: 36

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for your detailed answer, I just noticed it.
    It finally worked with my config but not with Studiomux: I was adviced on the Deluge Users facebook group to try with AudioBus3 and it worked. Don't know what's wrong with Studiomux...
    It's quite a great idea to use Ableton in between to record the automation though! I'll try to keep it in mind for future uses!

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